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Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you receive the highest quality assignment help, making your assignment completion and exam preparation a breeze.


We understand that mistakes or issues can sometimes occur. That’s why we’ve crafted a 150% Money-Back Guarantee policy, outlining the situations where you can request a refund. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Take a look at the following points to understand your rights and how we strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

150% Money-Back Refund Claim Method

The client must furnish detailed information to facilitate result verification, including any evidence establishing ownership of the result.


1. Proof of Failure:

Clients must provide evidence of failure, such as a fail grade report and detailed feedback.


2. Submission Deadlines:

Tasks must be submitted by the specified deadline, except in cases where lateness is caused by the agency.


3. Quality Feedback:

Feedback must clearly attribute task failure to quality-related issues.


4. Client Responsibility:

Clients must give clear and accurate task instructions for successful completion.


5. Exclusions:

This guarantee doesn’t cover tasks revised or resubmitted by the client. Clients must submit the agency’s original work for evaluation.


6. Refund Claims Period:

Refund claims must be made within three months after the task submission deadline.


7. Communication Channels:

All task-related communication, including revision requests and failure claims, must be made through official channels provided by the service provider.


8. New Instructions Exclusion:

Clients who provide new instructions after task completion but cannot proceed with the revision due to financial constraints/time limitation/any other reason are not eligible for the guarantee.


In case of any disputes regarding eligibility or failure determination, the service provider’s decision shall be final.